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Today I ran.

The plan was to run, but then the plan was off.  Running the Phx 10K has been a tradition for me since moving into Midtown, the same year I became a cross country coach. It runs right through our could I not?

I no longer coach, but I do still love to run.

This year I wanted to break my 10K record.  It isn't a fast time, in running standards, but none the less, runners are always thinking about the "time," and sometimes we miss the run.

Living in Midtown, and serving on the board these last two years have taken time away from training.  And the last six months have certainly been full with meetings and email discourse concerning our first Urban Living Home Tour.  MMDNA wanted to bring to Midtown the majesty of high-rise living with the personable connection outside those big looming buildings.

So, time to train has been challenging.  And by the end of this week, I had determined I didn't have enough training to improve my running time, so why bother.  If I couldn't beat the time, it would be a waste. I hadn't registered yet, so it was no financial loss, but a bit of an ego killer.

Saying goodnight to the team at Park Central, and walking home to visitors returning to their cars filled with my heart with pride and thankfulness.  We all worked hard, we wrangled a lot of details and worried we were not doing enough. But the day was full of laughter, smiles and fun.  "That is enough," I thought, tomorrow will just have to be another day.

This morning, I woke earlier than I intended.  I checked email.."Have a good run, see you out there," one of my teammates emailed.

I grimaced...I forgot to tell her I was canceling my run.  I started to email her, but then checked the website for the starting time. was7:10...plenty of enough time to make it.

Deep breaths followed and I look down at my MMDNA shirt with our logo of the building landscape which makes up our neighborhood...the Viad, The Phoenix Art Museum, Regency House etc.  Then I realized, I don't need to run for time, but I do need to run for pride, for thankfulness of these amazing people who worked tirelessly, the home owners who opened their life to us, and the sponsors and advertisers who helped fund our efforts.  Most importantly, I needed to run for the folks who came out, over 500 strong to support the effort, enjoy the day and share their gratitude.

So I ran, I didn't beat my time, but time doesn't remind you about the power of humanity, time doesn't inspire you to give up weekends and time with your families, and time certainly doesn't validate the beauty of community.

Running can do these things.
But, running on behalf of the people who make this neighborhood great, made every step worth it today.  So today I ran for pride in MMDNA and all of you folks who make it worth "it."

Special Thanks to the MMDNA Board and Tour Committee
                                to the Homeowners
                                to our Sponsors: R.O.I
                                                         Nicholas Yale
                                                         Wild Thaiger
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PictureMidtown Bloom
The current installment of the MidtownMuse is now available online.  

Click here to begin reading.

What does it mean to be "Midtown?"

If you ask folks in Manhattan, it means Times Square, icons of
the skyline, shopping and eating, and recently a region where Mayor Bloomberg
hopes to have a series of vintage buildings slated for demolition to make room
for larger capacity skyscrapers...deep sigh.  Read more here about THAT...

  Midtown in Miami means isolated neighborhoods with lofts and shopping "like NYC

Midtown in Sacramento is getting a "walk about" by the business
  owners to discuss what they want from city leadership as we look at another
  decade's midpoint approaching.  Read more here

  Every search I did, led to basically the same idea - Midtown means - a
  crossroads of living, working and creating... a unique enclave in the history
  of the city.

  Historical dangers Midtowns face? 
Gentrification….giant corporate poaching.    If you follow
the developments of urban planning "midtowns" are under the gauntlet of defining
the next phase of urban living...will it serve the yuppies, the hipsters, the
corporate ceo's or those yet to make themselves known?  A New York
bookseller says it best, "Borders didn't kill us, real estate killed us." 

It makes me take pause.  I moved to Midtown because I wanted a
porch, mature trees and a historic home, but since living here...for the first
time, I see my Midtown as important to Phoenix as NYC's is to the Big
Apple.  Look what Houston is doing here.  

Our goal should be to
not only protect Midtown from complacency, it should be to support and develop
grass-root efforts which will feed our neighborhood's longevity, based on our
values; while drawing the outliers to our breast, holding them close, so they
too, will protect a section of the city simply because its protection is vital
to Phoenix.  Investment from those in the burbs is as important as us

So where do go from here?  How do we become the
generation of inspiration?

Now taking comments...

“You are moving where...into what?” “But you work in Glendale?” “Where will you buy groceries?”
These were some of the many questions I had to answer when I announced that my husband Brien and I had purchased a 960 square foot home built eighty years ago in midtown Phoenix. To true “burb-ites” it is hard to fathom leaving the urban sprawl with its easy access to big box stores and constant chain food fare. It can be daunting for someone unfamiliar to navigate one-way streets.

"Midtown” lured me for this simple reason: the neighborhoods had mature trees and homes with porches surrounded by high-rises.  I longed to be surrounded by greenscapes and neighborhoods where everyone knew your name.  This could be considered the most exciting time to be living in Phoenix.  The recession has certainly taken its toll, but the rebirth, from the ashes...(has to be said), seems to be calling for a grassroots ownership.  Our hope is this blog will offer those in our district and those farther afield a vantage point about not only living in midtown, but how we, as a committed community continue to fuel the powerful possibilities Phoenix has to offer.

In addition, we will be adding items to our "Where to shop" "Where to eat" and "Where to visit" - beyond just a list, but actual visitations - send us your stories and photos too at our contact page.

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